Lemon Drizzle Loaf Cake


Laura’s signature Lemon Drizzle Loaf Cake.

This is one of my favourite bakes without a doubt. it is a perfect balance of sweet and tangy flavours that’ll leave you craving for more.

This heavenly creation features a tender and moist lemon-infused sponge, generously soaked in a tantalizingly zesty lemon syrup.

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Delight your taste buds with our irresistible Zesty Lemon Drizzle Loaf Cake, the luscious lemon glaze drizzled on top adds an extra layer of citrusy goodness, making this loaf cake an unforgettable treat. Ideal for any occasion, from afternoon tea to festive celebrations, this lemon drizzle loaf cake is sure to impress with its bright, refreshing taste and visually appealing presentation.

Enjoy a slice of sunshine with every bite!